A Few Words About Us

Polygraph Institution has successfully conducted thousands of polygraph tests throughout Africa and South Africa, and is widely known as an industry leader in the art of detecting deception. We pride ourselves in our professional work and outstanding forensic assessment interviewing techniques and high confession rate.

The polygraph is an instrument that detects and measures some of the physiological changes that take place in the human body when a person tells a lie. At the Polygraph Institution we are dedicated to the truth. We treat every person with respect and understanding. We deliver accurate results, supply a professional service and expose the deceptive.

It is our objective to stay the best in our field of expertise, and continue to improve ourselves, our knowledge and our service by staying up to date with the latest developments and technology available in the field.

The institution was established in 2004 and originally traded as Polygraph Technologies. Nico Jooste, who is the founding member, qualified as a Forensic Psycho-physiologist through the Academy for Scientific Investigative Training situated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA). He received his training from the legendary and world renowned Nathan J. Gordon and Essam Gamal Eldin.

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